Stages Nathalie Man (english)

Tango-CONtACT mornings,

with Nathalie Mann (Strasbourg)

Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am to 1pm, those 2 workshops are designed for tanguer@s.

Whatever your level, you can come without a partner: there are no roles in contact tango.

Contact tango is tango in action!

Between balance and imbalance, we twist the conventions of tango to play with the momentum. That almost elastic moment, as if suspended in the present, when taking flight  or lifts could happen...

«The secret of tango lies in the moment of improvisation that occurs between one step and the next. It's about making the impossible possible, dancing the silence!»

Carlos Gavito

Like argentine tango, contact-improvisation dance is a physical dialogue.

By playing with gravity and inertia, this technique is a subtle experimentation in physicality. How do you play with axis and verticality, and how do you maintain a quality of connection that enables you to communicate with commitment?

All exercises enable us to refine our body awareness and use the specific elements of tango in a joyful improvisation.

With our bodies relaxed and available, let's invent our own unexplored tangos: let's play tango!

Saturday: Tensegrity

How to let your structure float in your body

Find a balance between relaxation and tonus adjustment

Moving in connection with fascia tissue

Sunday: Body spirals

How the elasticity of fascia allows you to find comfort in dissociation

We dance in comfortable clothing, socks or soft slippers.



Nathalie Mann is a somatic educator trained in Body-Mind Centering®.

A dancer and pedagogue, she teaches Argentine tango, contact-improvisation dance and contact-tango.

Each workshop is a journey through perceptions, combining sensitive explorations and notions of experiential anatomy.

Somatic practices put us in touch with our bodily awareness.

By focusing on sensations of movement, bodily intelligence can express itself and organise our dance with comfort and fluidity : let us be danced